3 Quick Book Reviews: Gay and Catholic, Triumph of Christianity, Filling Our Father’s House

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I love a good book, particularly a good Christian book. (I'm a non-fiction fiend!) I'm always meaning to review books and yet, somehow, it just doesn't happen. But inspired by the Modern Mrs. Darcy, I'm going to try do shorter reviews. Let's see how it goes, shall we? Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith by Eve Tushnet Eve's book has been on my to-read list for a while now. I'm so glad I've finally read it. Eve's graciousness and intelligence shine Continue Reading

Aussie Churches Burn While Media Rejoices

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In Holy Week, three historic Catholic churches were torched in Melbourne, Australia. On Holy Monday, St Mary's Church, St Kilda East and St James' Church, Brighton were set alight. On Holy Wednesday, the third, St Mary's Church in Dandenong went up in flames. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention but, as an Australian Catholic, I only heard about this today -- two weeks after it happened. There has been little media attention on this tragedy. Sadly, what coverage there was focused Continue Reading

25 Signs Your Evangelical Friend is Considering Catholicism

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Friends, evangelicals become Catholics. It may be hard to hear but it's true. I know you probably don't think it could happen to you or those you love. But trust me, no one is safe from the Apostolic Truth sprinkled with Holy Water which Catholics dole out like it's fish soup on a Friday. To help you out, here at 25 signs to look for to see if your friend might be considering the Catholic Church. They surreptitiously make the Sign of the Cross when you pray together and then pretend Continue Reading

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? [Infographic]

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It's Easter! That means it's time for resurrection theories, chocolate, alleluias and awesome infographics, right? This is a fantastic infographic from Josh Byers. Byers explains, One thing that could destroy Christianity would be to prove that the resurrection of Jesus was not true. The Apostle Paul says so in 1st Corinthians 15:14. If the resurrection were not true, we would be the most foolish of people to continue believing what we believe and living how we live. However, I believe that Continue Reading

Stations of the Cross: Traditional vs Scriptural Way of the Cross

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The Stations of the Cross are a powerful and beloved devotion, particularly during Lent. The fourteen stations represent certain moments from Christ's Passion on the day of His crucifixion. Today, we know two different forms of the Stations of the Cross, the Traditional Stations of the Cross and the Scriptural Way of the Cross. Each has fourteen "stops", each encourages us to meditate on the Passion of Christ, but what exactly is the difference between them? How the Traditional Stations of Continue Reading

Richard III Reveals the Beauty of the Catholic Mass for the Dead

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This week, Richard III will be re-buried in Leicester Cathedral. I'm not here to weigh in on the Great Richard III Debate: evil Shakespearean villain or a cruelly-maligned medieval teddy bear? Part of me wants him to be innocent. He was last king of the House of York, the rightful claimants to the throne, (down with those dastardly Lancastrians!) and frankly, anyone who hated the Tudors is alright by me. Another part of me, however, knows that Richard III probably did order the murder of Continue Reading

The Arrogance of the “All Religions are the Same” Crowd

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Being a Catholic on a university campus, you begin to hear the same things over and over again. One I'm already sick of hearing is that all religions essentially teach the same thing: all religions are equal and all basically have the same message. Isn't that a lovely thought? Doesn't that make us sound so tolerant and welcoming? Actually, it's not. It's astoundingly arrogant. It's arrogant because it claims to understand all religions and then presumes to know these religions better Continue Reading

Beautiful Prayers from St Gregory of Narek, New Doctor of the Church

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We have a new Doctor of the Church!! St Gregory of Narek, the 10th Century Armenian saint, has been declared a Doctor of the Church. Radio Vaticana reported today, Meeting with Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints on Saturday ahead of his departure for Aricca on Lenten retreat, the Pope confirmed the proposal put forward by the Plenary Session of the Congregation to confer the title of Doctor of the Universal Church on the 10th Century saint. St Gregory Continue Reading

14 Powerful Quotes on Fasting

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Fasting cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble, scatters the clouds of concupiscence, quenches the fire of lust, and kindles the true light of chastity. Enter again into yourself. St Augustine Bless those who curse you, and pray for your enemies, and fast for those who persecute you. Didache When a man begins to fast, he straightway yearns in his mind to enter into converse with God. St Isaac the Syrian Fasting is the Continue Reading

The New Ecumenism of Blood

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This week, Our Lord and His Church gained 21 new martyrs. These martyrs were Coptic Orthodox Christians, members of the ancient church of Egypt. There is nothing unusual in that. Not only is Christianity the most persecuted religion in the world, but the Church of Egypt has a long history of persecution. In the 3rd Century, Tertullian wrote, If the martyrs of the whole world were put on one arm of the balance and the martyrs of Egypt on the other, the balance would tilt in favor of the Continue Reading