Australia Now Most Selfish Country in the World


Australia is the best country in the world to live in. No, that’s not just an opinion. It’s a fact. Well… as close to a fact as you’re likely to find. Australia is ranked first in the world according to the OECD‘s Better Life Index, a composite statistic index that includes everything from income, education, safety, health, gender equality, life satisfaction, housing and even work-life balance. So that’s pretty great, right! We’re also ranked second in the world in the Human Development… …Continue Reading

This is what Having Anxiety and Depression is Like


You get up in the morning. You have a shower. You get dressed. It should be a normal day but you can feel your chest getting heavy. You dry your hair. It’s 9am in the morning and your jaw is aching already — no, stinging — from all the tension in your face. You keep trying to ignore it. No, you tell yourself, today will not be like that. You pray. You ask for help and go looking for your… …Continue Reading

#SheForHe: Emma Watson’s Incredible Speech on Gender Equality Didn’t Go Far Enough


I didn’t think I could love Emma Watson anymore than I do already — but I do. On Saturday, Watson gave a speech at the UN to launch the #HeForShe campaign, a campaign to encourage men and boys to get involved in fighting for gender equality and to remind us all that gender equality isn’t a “woman’s issue”: it’s a human rights issue. At the same time, Watson’s speech didn’t go far enough. Gender inequality hurts everyone. It is a human rights… …Continue Reading

How St Andrew Ended Up as the Patron Saint of Scotland


Today, Scotland will vote on whether to become an independent country. Since St Andrew is Scotland’s patron saint and the Scottish flag is the Cross of St Andrew, I figured I’d have a peak at exactly how an Apostle who was born in Galilee and died in Greece ended up as the patron saint of the country that gave us bagpipes, haggis, and Susan Boyle. St Andrew the Apostle St Andrew the Apostle was the brother of St Peter and the… …Continue Reading

The Filioque isn’t the Only Latin Addition to the Creed


One of the more controversial issues between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is the filioque. To put it as briefly as I can, filioque means “and the Son” and explains how the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. This phrase/word was added to the Nicene Creed in the Latin West sometime between the 6th and 11th Centuries (depending on how you define “adding”). The original Greek text does not say it and the Orthodox Churches don’t recognise the… …Continue Reading