VIDEO: My Experience of God (And Getting a Little Emotional)

video laura

You guys, this is what I actually sound like. The other week, Cradio asked me about how I experience God in my everyday life. Cradio is an online Australian Catholic media service with radio, podcasts and news articles, all superb quality and all faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. And yes, I love them. Watch the video, see me get all emotional,… …Continue Reading

7 Reasons to Be Thankful After the Sydney Siege

Thankful After Sydney Siege

This morning, Australia woke up to the news that the Hostage Crisis in Martin Place, Sydney was over. Two hostages, Tori Johnson, the cafe manager at Lindt and Katrina Dawson, a barrister, were dead along with the gunman, Man Haron Monis. Monis was an Iranian cleric on bail, charged being an accessory to the murder of his wife and over… …Continue Reading

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Great Reads from the Week A Vow of Celibacy Does Not Create a Sex Offender by Archbishop Anthony Fisher (The Australian) Serving Among the Poor: Life on Mission in Thailand by Fr Frank Bird (Restless Press) Understanding the Introverted: 8 Things to Keep in Mind by Grace (Even the Wilderness) 5 Things You Don’t Know About Christmas (and probably should)… …Continue Reading

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Great Posts from the Week Afraid You’ll Meet Jesus at Eucharistic Adoration? by Jonmarc Grodi (Aleteia) You see, people are comfortable with “morality.” They are comfortable with “church.” They are comfortable with “causes,” and “values,” and “goodness,” and even “God,” to a certain degree. However they are not comfortable with Christ Himself There and Back Again: A Vocation Journey by… …Continue Reading

The Holy Spirit: The Eternal Immaculate Conception?

Eternal Immaculate Conception

In 1941, St Maximilian Kolbe’s thoughts were on the Immaculata. Hours before his arrest and subsequent martyrdom by the Nazis, he wrote down his reflections on Our Lady’s words at Lourdes: ‘I am the Immaculate Conception’.1 What does this mean and why does Mary say she is the Immaculate Conception, rather than saying (the much more logical) statement, “I was… …Continue Reading

Jane Austen’s Guide to Thomistic Virtue Ethics

elinor and marianne

Everyone knows that good Christian girls love Jane Austen. But perhaps not everyone knows that good Catholic Christian girls also love St. Thomas Aquinas. That is why I had to have mama fetch my smelling salts when the Masked Thomist linked me to a whole series of posts on Austen, Aquinas and Aristotle at the Dominicana blog. In a series… …Continue Reading

How to Keep the Ent in Advent

treebread ent

Don’t be hasty. Christ came in the fullness of time, born of a virgin, and lived 30 years before He began His public ministry. Drink deeply from the Living Water. Learn again the old ways and tell the old stories once more. Try to remember, if you can, your name. Real names tell you the story of things they belong to… …Continue Reading

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Great Reads of the Week Guide to Preparing for Advent by Ruth Green (Restless Press) Can We Know God’s Existence with Certainty? by Edward Feser (Strange Notions) Protestants and a Churchless Tradition: “Sola” vs “Solo” Scriptura by Fr. Andrew Stephan Damick (Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy) So Ukip, it turns out there are quite a lot of #ThingsThatAreNotAMosque from the Irish Examiner Four… …Continue Reading

11 Things to Know About Our Lady of Kibeho


1. Our Lady of Kibeho is the name given to Our Blessed Mother as she appeared at Kibeho, a small village in Rwanda. It is one of the few Vatican-approved Marian apparitions and the only one in Africa. 2. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared many times to three school girls from Kibeho, Alphonsine, Anathalie and Marie Claire. Mary appeared to… …Continue Reading