HUGE Exciting Blog News!!

I’ve had a secret for the past few weeks! One I’ve been so very excited about!!

Ryan of The Back of the World fame (and now of Fr. Z fame too!) and I have created a site specifically devoted to the Sacred Heart:

As some of you will know, I love the Sacred Heart and Ryan loves the Sacred Heart. So we thought, why not create a monthly blog link-up on First Fridays to share some of that Sacred Heart Love?

Today is the last Friday of August which means in exactly one week time, it will be First Friday! We would love for you to check out the site and write a post, or even dig out an old post, on the Sacred Heart. (I’ve also got a suggestion if you’re looking for inspiration!) Then head over to the blog next Friday and add your link.

Easy, right?

FF Link Up 250

(And yes, unfortunately WordPress compatriots, it’s on Blogger because they allow Javacript which doesn’t. I was pretty devastated too.) We will keep adding things as well, so if you have any suggestions, let me or Ryan know.

So come say hello! And begin thinking about a post! Because next week, on the First Friday of September, we are going to go crazy about the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!!!



  1. Hi Laura – what a great idea! Perhaps you could tweet or post the Pope’s intentions for the month to meditate on as we make our Morning Offering…I’ll give you all the work :)

  2. Do set it up with Feedburner, so we can get it emailed to ourselves. Otherwise I will never remember to read it.

  3. That’s a fantastic idea!! Will definitely get onto that! Thanks! :)

  4. Spread the word, everyone! We need all Catholic bloggers on board, sharing their posts on the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!!!

  5. I *think* I’ve figured out the email thingy! :) But I’m doing it through FeddPress because, I dunno, their website is prettier than FeedBurner. Hope that’s ok! There’s now a feed link and a box to subscribe! :)

  6. Hi Laura, I have at least one previous post on the Sacred Heart. Is that okay to use? Where can I send the link for you to check it out?

  7. Hi Laura, what about a post about the Sacred Heart Holy Hour (an hour of night prayer once a month in a spirit of reparation of reparation & which takes place in the home)? Try Googling it for a link to a really excellent website which gives lots of info. Thanks for this wonderful endeavour.


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