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Incense Perfume: The Liturgical Gift You’ve Been Praying For

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My beloved liturgically-correct readers,

I bring good news!

You know how you could never get enough incense in your life? How you felt lonely, angry and even incensed without your fragrance of choice, your eau de thurible?

I give you La Liturgie des Heures.


As I’m sure you, my uber-cultured readers know, that is French for the Liturgy of the Hours and it’s basically parfum de incense. And no, I’ve just made up an incense perfume… although I wish I’d thought of it first. It’s a legit fragrance for both men and women.

One reviewer described it “like wandering in the garden of a Mediterranean abbey” while another cautioned that “if you don’t like incense, then walk away.”

We have Daria Sockey to thank for this find; although it was pointed out to her by a French nun. Daria, who writes at the fantabulous Coffee and Canticles, also has the single best book on the Divine Office, The Everyday Catholic’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours. A few months ago, I raved about this book and seriously, I still love the Liturgy of the Hours — although I won’t say I’ve nailed the consistency bit yet!



Between her book, this perfume, and of course the Graduale Simplex Hoitius Toitius Romanum Tomatoae for Low Pontifical Compline in the Ideas of March (Unabridged), I’ve basically done your Christmas shopping for you… in July. 

You’re welcome.

P.S. A blessed feast day of St Benedict to everyone, particularly to the Benedictines and the Pope Benedict. It seems only right that this gift should appear on a liturgically fitting day.

As the Prophet saith: “Seven times a day I have given praise to Thee” (Ps 119:164), this sacred sevenfold number will be fulfilled by us… At these times, therefore, let us offer praise to our Creator “for the judgments of His justice;” namely, at Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline; and let us rise at night to praise Him (cf Ps 119:62). – The Rule of St Benedict, XVI


Okay, but in all seriousness we know you’ll need more than perfume and I may have gone book-hunting for the feast of St Benedict. Click on the images below to check them out. :)


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    I would totally wear that. It’d be a good date-testing method, too. “What are you wearing?” “Incense.” “You’re the love of my life!” or something like that… Catholic dating problems. :P

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